Other Wellness Therapies available

Other Wellness Therapies available


A Gentle skin scrapping technique. It is used to boost immunity, relax spasms, improve and nourish blood circulation, clear Phlegm or Cold.


Heat therapy that removes injuries caused by cold, nourishes production of blood or boosts activity energy known as Yang Qi.


Chinese Massage also used to help nourish Qi (Life Force) or disperse stagnation in muscles or acupuncture channels.

Indian Head Massage

A therapy for the head, scalp, face, neck, shoulders and upper back. It can improve circulation, release muscular tension and decrease stress.

Hand/Foot Massage

A massage of hands or feet stimulate the body to come back in balance. On your hands and feet are reflex points, massaging these points is relaxing and gives a general feeling of well-being.
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